Samsung Galaxy S6 Evolution – Release date, Specs

Technology has increased that now the configuration which were seen in laptops and now carried by people in their pockets. Samsung has delivered various smartphones which have won million of hearts over the globe. It was also in conflict with Apple for some patent issue. But it seems that it turned into a positive aspect for Samsung as it gained some more fans or popularity to Samsung.

This time Samsung is going to launch Galaxy S6 in its popular Galaxy S series. After the launch of Galaxy S5 in late April, 2014, people will keep their eye on the nest device in S series.

Evolution of Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung started Galaxy S series in June, 2010 and various variants were launched in the same name with different model numbers. Galaxy S i9000 was the original model of this series. Total sales of Galaxy S device crossed 25 million units. After the huge success of Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 was launched in April, 2011. S2 has earned 40 million units all over the world. Galaxy S3 is not behind in the race of selling. It has crossed 60 million units. This shows that Samsung has earned good reputation in the eyes of their customers.

Their customers are eagerly waiting for the new device in both the famous series by Samsung Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series. Recently Samsung launched Galaxy S4 in this series in April, 2013. Samsung has sold 40 million units of this device over the globe. Click here to read more about the details of device in this series.

Know about Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications

Galaxy S6 featuring flexible display

Galaxy S6

If you are a lover of smartphones, you must have seen the gradual changes in the specifications of the device in the same series. You can imagine the advancement in the specification of Galaxy S6 which will be seen in market in Q1, 2015.

  • Body: It can feature metallic body because customer demand for the metallic body of device is rising day by day. People think that devices in plastic body look cheap. Why not to go for metallic body devices when you are ready to spend high amount on your devices?
  • Operating System: Like all the other devices Galaxy S6 will be carrying Android platform. This cannot be said particularly which version of android it will feature. It can also be possible that with the passing of time, Samsung can develop its own operating system to amaze its customers with new interfacing and lots of new features.
  • Processor- Rumors are suggesting that Galaxy S5 will be featuring 64-bit Octa-Core processor. Then we can assume or predict that Galaxy S6 will feature the processor higher than the processor in Galaxy S5.
  • Camera: In Galaxy S6 it is rumored that it will carry 16 to 18 MP camera with omnivision sensor and latest features to amaze customers.
  • Display: Trend for large screens is coming in the youngsters so that they enjoy the things on bigger screen. So it is expected to see 5.5 inches of Super AMOLED Plus screen in this device.
  • Memory: It will be launched in two variants having different internal storage capacity 64 GB or 128 GB. It will be featuring 4 GB RAM.
  • Sensors: It will have all the protective measures and sensors like fingerprint which is already coming in iPhone 5S. We can hope and wait for the more interesting sensors till the launch of new Samsung S6 in 2015.

Galaxy S6 Release Date to be in 2015

Galaxy S6 waterproof

Galaxy S6 Waterproof

We have seen Galaxy S4 launched in April, 2013 and expecting for the launch of Galaxy S5 in March or April, 2014. So we can confirm the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 in Q1, 2015. With the time, device will be featuring higher configuration both at hardware and software levels. Samsung launched two device each year to increase their annual sales. Their major concentration is on the devices in series Galaxy S and Galaxy Note.

12 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 Evolution – Release date, Specs

  1. i think samsung has to come up with some new designing technologies that will make their smartphone the best in the market. i am exciting for s6 by seeing its features on your site.

  2. I am sure Samsung is going to improve this time. This will be better than its predecessors but what about Note 4? Will Samsung S6 be better than Note 4 and other smartphones by other companies?

    1. Ross,
      Technology keeps updating. All the upcoming devices will be better than the previous one. And if Samsung want to stay in battle field it will have to definitely improve and make it better.

    1. Anyse,

      Before the launch of the device only rumors are available in the market. These rumors are made my professionals and the device will be similar to these rumors. If you want facts then you will have to wait for some time.

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