Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date

Samsung is already ranking in the market for the delivered specs and features. This time it is expected that it will deliver best results in terms of specs because no major up gradation is seen in S5. This is the reason for high expectations from Galaxy S6.

Top players Samsung included are always on a tight race to release new, better gadgets. But before you think the competition has hit crescendo, Samsung announces the release of yet another demon gadget. This is the reason why every Samsung device is eagerly awaited by the customers and so is now Galaxy S6, whose release is eagerly being waited because with its release we can accept new features, specifications. However, some of the facts have a way of finding into the consumer market, even when there is no official announcement from the manufacturers. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is no exceptional; we already have had some facts about the release date and specifications.

Expected Release Date of Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 featuring flexible display

Galaxy S6

From past observations Samsung every year releases one device. With S5 being launched in early 2014. S6 is expected to release in 2015. After we set our eyes and hands on S5, Samsung has hinted on several occasions that it will release S6, but in 2015. There are only two possibilities that can change this date: One, unless Samsung increases its annual releases to two gizmos a year, or if Samsung changes its mind about S6 launch altogether. The actual date and month is not yet announced, but you can be sure that Samsung will not keep us waiting.

A fact about Samsung is that it always listens to its customers about what they say concerning the previous releases then reflects the proposals on the next gadget. This strategy has led to this company releasing the dopiest gadgets each time. Before you come to terms with what you are experiencing in the latest gadget, you are shocked by what is rumored and actually happens with the next release. Survival in the consumer market necessitates that Samsung announces the Galaxy S6 sooner than later.

Why to wait the release of Galaxy S6?

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

After galaxy S5 launching in 2014, what else Samsung has to introduce in galaxy S6. But then Samsung would surely not disappoint people with its features, specifications and value for money.


Samsung is all set to introduce its device with 18 Megapixels Rear Camera.


Galaxy S6 offers you Android V6 Milkshake, great screen that has better resistant capabilities from dust and water.


Looks of any device is major attracting feature. And Samsung has kept this in mind and is introducing S6 with 6.7 handset thickness. If S6 will bring improvement on what S4 already has or better than S5’s then it will be the lightest, slimmest and most stylish Smartphone. It is all set to make it more stylish, lighter and slimmer so that it’s easier to handle.


Today’s world is all about internet.  Keeping this in mind Samsung has made sure it brings faster, better network performance h. It can surprise the world with fastest internet connection the, by up to 5G.

  • It is also offering 4 GB RAM and an Octa Processor in this device.
Galaxy S6 waterproof

Galaxy S6 Waterproof

Samsung has made sure that it introduces everything that makes it different. The consumer is not always treated to what they have been promised by the phone manufacturers. Sometimes, you may have thought that the next device is better and bigger, just like we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S6. Samsung will surely make all possibilities to bring out the best in their Galaxy S6 to make it top the list of smartphones. All we can do is waiting for its release and keep getting thrilled while reading its features and specifications.


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